Promoters, comedians, fast food business owners, landlords, publicans and consultants all feature on the latest tax defaulters list from Revenue.

The biggest settlement - €701,025 - in today's list was with Gaiety Investments Unlimited Company from Dún Laoghaire in Co Dublin for the under-declaration of PAYE, PRSI and USC. 

The company is controlled by promoters Denis Desmond and Caroline Downey.

A company called Blue Elf Inc Ltd, which is owned by comedian Mario Rosenstock, also paid €118,663.80 for under declaring income tax, social insurance and the universal social charge.

Co Galway-based medical consultant Naveed Khawaja faced a bill of €513,763 for under-declaration of income tax.

Co Galway-based car dealer Vehicle Wholesalers Limited also settled for €440,000 for under-declaration of VAT.

Revenue also lists Independent TD Michael Lowry, who was fined €15,000 in June, while his company Garuda was fined €10,000 after being found guilty of a tax offence and failing to keep proper books of account.

Revenue said it secured over €8.8m in taxes and penalties during the second quarter of the year from a total of 66 cases. 

29 cases were for amounts exceeding €100,000 and Revenue said that in 17 cases the settlement was not fully paid as at the end of June.