Ryanair pilots in Germany are set to ballot for industrial action after their union VC announced that negotiations with the airline on a Collective Labour Agreement had failed.

In a newsletter to members, the VC Ryanair Company Council said it had come to the conclusion that management does not want to change anything after agreeing recognise unions.

It said the airline instead wanted "just to pretend that their current way of dealing with the pilots will be called a CLA in the future." 

Since its landmark pre-Christmas decision to recognise unions in order to avert a threatened strike, Ryanair has been in recognition negotiations with pilots' unions across Europe. 

It has reached recognition agreements for pilots based in the UK and Italy.

However, in other jurisdictions talks have dragged on without a conclusion.

In Ireland, Ryanair pilots belonging to IALPA will announce the result of their ongoing ballot for strike action on 3 July.  

In the update to members, the German pilots' union VC claims that Ryanair is "lacking any indication to compromise", but merely repeats that the pilots' proposals would be "too expensive, too complex and altogether impossible to implement". 

VC also accuses Ryanair of failing to respond in a timely manner to their proposals.

"Yesterday evening, we therefore declared that our negotiation process has failed. It is now time for a ballot which would be required to allow for possibly prolonged strike action," the memo went on. 

"In the light of recent developments, it seems unlikely that we will be able to conclude Collective Labour Agreements in any other way," it added. 

The VC Ryanair Company Council concluded by saying that they were very disappointed that they had to go down this road, but "judging by Ryanair's behaviour, there seems no other road".

Ryanair's response to a request for comment is awaited.