WEEE Ireland, the electrical and battery recycling scheme, recycled a total of 35,708 tonnes of e-waste and 874 tonnes of waste batteries from householders, consumers and businesses last year.

In it annual report, WEEE (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Ireland said it achieved a collection rate surpassing 10kg of e-waste per head of the population - a new record. 

Among the items recycled were an estimated 3.2 million lamps and lightbulbs, 195,000 televisions and monitors and almost 12 million small appliances. 

48% of all the e-waste recycled was large household appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and washing machines which can be returned to retailers for recycling on delivery of new appliances.

The report shows that 68% of all household and dual use electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market by WEEE Ireland members was recycled in 2017.

WEEE Ireland said this ensures it remains on track to exceed the 65% target by 2019. 

Through the proper environmental management of the e-waste WEEE Ireland collected, 18,000 tonnes of iron were recovered - equivalent to two and a half Eiffel towers. 

830 tonnes of copper were recovered, which equates to nearly 27 Statues of Liberty. 

WEEE Ireland also said it captured 120,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions by recycling fridges and freezers at specialised facilities.

The group also surpassed EU targets in waste portable battery collections, where the quantity collected increased from 812 to 874 tonnes. 

It said this marks yet another year of success for the LauraLynn "Every Battery Counts" campaign and is testament to how the "Blue Box" has become synonymous with battery recycling in schools, retailers and businesses across Ireland.

Leo Donovan, CEO of WEEE Ireland, said it is hugely satisfying for everyone involved with WEEE Ireland that its 2017 report card shows its approach to Irish WEEE compliance remains best-in-class.

But he cautioned that complacency can not be allowed set in. 

"We will only achieve long-term change and benefits for the environment if we continue to manage our e-waste responsibly. At WEEE Ireland, we have a number of programmes and initiatives ongoing to ensure that people are informed and have easy access to recycle their WEEE," he added.