Education teaches "hard skills" - the technical abilities needed to perform a job - but increasingly, employers are looking for "soft skills" according to leading recruitment website,

"Soft skills," also referred to as "employability skills," are those transferable between industries and include problem solving and emotional judgement-skills imperative to a productive and collaborative working environment. General Manager Christopher Paye states, "Once you tick the boxes for qualifications and experience, hiring becomes a matter of judging the calibre of the individual in the interview."

Data from reveals the most in-demand soft skills are motivation, drive, attention to detail, flexibility, and friendliness. 

According to Mr Paye, motivation and drive begin with a personalized, relevant cover letter that provides knowledge of the organization to demonstrate how your skills match the company's needs. This can enhance an interview by connecting on a personal level and showcasing interest. 

Attention to detail is best demonstrated by making sure your CV does not have typos or irrelevant information as flexibility is best accomplished through giving examples of personal life and workplace adaptability during an interview. 

Although friendliness could be considered a character trait, Mr. Paye feels friendliness, "can be learned and means active listening, an open attitude, and making and effort to connect with people." 
Between 2016 and 2017, the number of roles that listed "friendly" as a sought-after "soft skill" increased by 22%.