A new report from the Central Bank shows equal representation of women and men among its staff.

In its first gender pay gap analysis, the Central Bank said that 50% of its staff are male and 50% are female.

The analysis shows that women make up 39% of directors and 49% of division heads at the Central Bank.

But it noted some differences in gender profiles across different grades and consequently, there is an overall difference of 2.7% between the average pay for men and women across the Central Bank. 

The Central Bank said it has had a wide range of policies and practices in place that have combined to create a diverse and inclusive working environment. 

Its Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery said that while the Central Bank's pay gap is less than other organisations, there is room for continued improvement. 

"Building on our strong foundations, we are committed to continually enhancing our approach to all aspects of diversity and inclusion, including undertaking specific targeted actions aimed at improving the gender balance representation at senior levels," the bank added.