The Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform says the next budget would be along the same vein as the last two budgets and will be a "good and careful" budget.

Paschal Donohoe told the "Today with Sean O'Rourke" show that there would be spending increase commitments next year of €2.6 billion. 

Mr Donohoe said this would be for more schools, hospitals and public housing.  

When asked about new entrant pay in the public service, he said that "we are in month four of a three year agreement". 

He added that he would honour the current agreement and expects others to honour it too.  

The Minister warned that even though the economy is going well, growth cannot be taken for granted. 

The average starting salary for public and civil servants was, he said, approximately €30,000 and 60,000 new recruits have been recruited since 2011.

The Minister also said the Government completely disagrees with the assessment made by the European Commission in relation to Ireland's relationship with Apple. 

But Mr Donohoe said that Ireland is in the EU and plays by EU rules. 

This means that the €13 billion must be collected while the ruling is contested in court. 

An escrow account has been established in order to manage the money. 

Mr Donohoe said he expected all the money to be paid into the account by the end of May.

In any scenario, he warned, there was no pot of gold for Ireland.