The Department of Finance has chosen Amundi, BlackRock Investment Management and Goldman Sachs Asset Management to manage more that €13 billion in disputed taxes Brussels has ordered it to collect from Apple. 

The European Commission ruled in August 2016 that Apple had received unfair tax incentives from Ireland.

Last October the Commission said it was taking the country to the European Court of Justice over delays in recovering the money. 

Both Apple and Dublin are appealing the original ruling, saying the iPhone maker's tax treatment was in line with Irish and European Union law. 

The Commission told Ireland to collect €13 billion in back taxes, a figure the Department of Finance estimated last year could reach €15 billion - including EU interest.

Earlier this month, the Department said it had chosen Bank of New York Mellon BK.N to administer an escrow fund for the disputed cash. 

The three investment firms picked today will manage the fund.

It is expected that the money from Apple will start to be collected during the second quarter of the year.