The head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has said his organisation is still on track to publish an interim report on taxing the Digital economy next month.  

Angel Gurria made his comments in Dublin as he launched the OECD's country report on Ireland.  

Mr Gurria said that taxing the digital economy is not about targeting individual companies like Apple or Google.

He said the issue is about how an increasing digitised economy will be taxed as the entire world is going digital.

He also questioned how a massive base erosion in tax can be avoided because the digital economy "is in the ether" and there will be no "tax bases" in future years.

"We need to fix that so that countries continue to have a stable source of revenue so that they can deliver for the benefit of their people," Mr Gurria said.

"This is a much more important issue than just the perception that we are taxing one particular company or another, " he added.