Irish water purification firm H2Ozone has agreed a major multi-million dollar distribution deal with global water technology company Xylem. 

H2Ozone can purify water from any source and its technology, which will be licensed to Xylem, removes the threat of bacteria and micro-organisms in water including e.coli, salmonella, legionella, and cryptosporidium.

The deal will see Xylem distribute H2Ozone's water purification units in the UK, South Africa, Holland and Germany.  

Xylem operates in over 150 countries and distributes many market leading water technology products to key markets.

H2Ozone is also targeting the French and Portuguese markets through distribution deals agreed with CWT Preval in France and Sol Ambiente in Portugal.

"Our product provides a chemical free and cost-effective way of purifying water from any source, removing the threat posed by bacteria and micro-organisms," commented H2Ozone's executive chairman Paul O'Grady.

"With ever-increasing pressure on global water supplies our system guaranteeing safe and pure drinking water is a cost effective and reliable solution for any business where water quality standards cannot be compromised," he added.