If you live and work in Dublin, you are more likely on average to have more disposable income than people living in the rest of the country.

The gap in average disposable income between Dublin and the regions has grown every year since 2006.

That's according to figures released today from the Central Statistics Office.

The Dublin region had the highest average disposable income per person in 2015, and is the only region with disposable income levels that are higher than the State average.

At €23,298 Dublin's average disposable income was 14.5% higher than the State figure of €20,334.

Of the remaining seven regions, only the Mid West at €20,353 and the Mid East at €20,441 had an average disposable income per person on a par with the State average. 

The Border region with €17,641 fared worst among the eight regions at approximately 13.2% below the State average.The Midland region with €17,846 was the second lowest at approximately 12.2% below the state average.

The gap between the maximum and minimum value of per capita disposable income on a regional basis, increased  from  €5,175 in 2014  to €5,656  in 2015, due to Dublin regional incomes increasing.

The lowest difference between maximum and minimum per capita disposable incomes was €1,017 between the Mid-West and Dublin in 2011 while the largest difference was €5,656 between the Border region and Dublin in 2015.