The Chief Executive of AIB has said 14 customers who lost their homes after being wrongly deprived of tracker mortgages have been compensated.

However, two of them have launched appeals against the amounts they were given.

So far, the bank has utilised €133m out of a total provision of €190m to make compensation payments to its customers.

AIB CEO Bernard Byrne told the Oireachtas Finance Committee that 9,348 customers were incorrectly deprived of tracker mortgages, or were put on the wrong tracker rates.

Of those, 5,200 have not yet been compensated by the bank.

Mr Byrne told Fianna Fáil's Michael McGrath that around 4,000 customers who were never on a tracker mortgage, but were entitled to one, have been placed on the prevailing rate, which is the rate at the time they were due to go on a tracker.

He said these customers were offered compensation of €1,000 plus €615 towards the cost of obtaining independent financial advice.

Mr Byrne told the committee that the number of customers wrongly deprived of the correct tracker rate could rise.

"Those numbers could change, no different grouping is going to arise, but I'm not calling the number the number until we've completed the work," he said.