Britain was the biggest net source of professionals moving to Ireland in the year to October 2017 - a reversal on what was seen just six months ago.

Analysis of membership data from corporate social network LinkedIn shows UK-based professionals accounted for 21% of the net migration to Ireland during the period, having previously been the biggest net attractor of Irish talent.

Senior Director of International Operations at LinkedIn Sharon McCooey said for the past 18 months there has been strong net migration to Ireland for jobs.

"For the first time the UK tops that. It's very much a  fucntion of the continued economic recovery in Ireland and fears over Brexit."

She added this is "followed closely by India and Brazil. A lot of that is coming from the software sector in Ireland ,which is a huge attractor".

On the trend of financial services business moving from London to Dublin as a result of Brexit, Ms McCooey said it is one of the big five sectors where there has been a lot of staff movement from the UK to Ireland.

She also said a boom in construction here has seen "higher end" professionals such as architects and construction engineers, who would have left Ireland during the downturn, return to the country for work.

The LinkedIn Senior Director of International Operations also said there has been a "complete change" in the countires that are attracting Irish workers.

"People are emigrating for career development as opposed to as a result of unemployment, which is a really encouraging sign for the Irish going abroad now."

She said countries such as Switzerland and Germany are the top countries attracting Irish talent.

"Pharmaceuticals, oil, engineering, technology, and also some aerospace" are the industires attracting Irish professionals to Switzerland and Germany."

She said lifestyle choices and tax regimes are also reasons why Irish people are choosing to move to these countries to work.