The National Treasury Management Agency has today sold €500m worth of Treasury Bills. 

The NTMA said that total bids for the bills amounted to € 1.475 billion, which was almost three times the amount on offer. 

The Treasury Bills, which have a maturity of 12 months, were sold at a yield of -0.52% at today's auction.

The NTMA sold the same amount of 12-month paper in its last treasury bill auction in September at a yield of -0.5%.

Last week, the agency said it hopes to issue €14 billion to €18 billion of bonds over the course of next year. 

The NTMA will outline its bond auction plans for each quarter at the beginning of that quarter. 

It also intends to hold at least one syndicated bond deal during the year.

The NTMA said it will continue to issue Treasury Bills during 2018 and further details will be contained in the quarterly announcements.