Argentina has today authorised low-cost airline Norwegian to fly about 60 aircraft in the country, opening 72 local and 80 international routes to the company starting next year. 

In its official daily gazette, the Argentine government announced that Norwegian will have access to major airports in cities including Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mendoza. 

Norwegian, Europe’s third-largest budget airline by passenger numbers, will start operating in Argentina next year, investing a total of $4.3 billion to fly about 60 aircraft, the gazette announcement said. 

The concession has a 15-year lifespan before it can be considered for renewal, it added. 

Norwegian is the latest in a series of low-cost airlines to be authorised to operate in Argentina in the past two years. 

President Mauricio Macri, an advocate of free-markets, has said competition among carriers is the best way to keep air fares down.