The Government's tax revenues are now back on target, according to Exchequer returns for November - the most important month in the year for tax payments.

The figures show tax revenues for November were 2.3%, or €186 million, ahead of target, pushing the overall figure for the year to date to €192 million (0.4%) ahead of target.

Tax revenues are 5.8% higher than at the same point last year - an increase of €2.6 billion.

Spending was running at 1.9%, or €788 million, below target.

Income tax receipts of €18.2 billion were €251 million or 1.4% below target for the year to date. The income tax take was 4.2% higher than at the same point last year.

VAT was just €35 million short of target (or 0.3%), with a total income to date of 13.2 billion.

This is viewed by the Department of Finance as broadly on-profile. November is the final "VAT Due" month of the year. The total VAT take is up 7.4% year on year.

Corporation tax was 5.5% higher than expected - or €396 million - with a total tax take of €7.65 billion.

Excise also performed stronger than expected - coming in 2.1%, or €116 million, ahead of target.

Of the smaller tax herds, Local Property Tax was ahead of profile by almost 4%, Customs was 7.5% below target.

Capital Acquisition Tax was ahead by 6.1% (43% of all CAT came in last month), while Stamp Duty was almost 16% higher than expected at the start of the year.