The European Commission has warned that six euro zone countries, including France, are at risk of breaching the EU's tough public spending rules.

"The main message to France is the importance of correction of excessive deficit this year," Valdis Dombrovskis, the commission vice president responsible for the euro, told AFP in an interview.

Belgium, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Slovenia were also under fire for excessive deficits, the European Commission said.

The Commission also said Ireland is one of five countries that are broadly compliant, while six are "compliant".

Each year the Commission gives its view on euro-area Member States' draft national budgets.

The process is intended to avoid the problems that led up to the crash of 2008 and beyond.

As the euro-area Member States share a currency as well as a single market, common oversight of each others' economies is seen as vital to avoid booms and busts.