The average interest rate on new mortgages in September stood at 3.31%, new figures from the Central Bank show today. 

That was nearly double the equivalent rate across the euro area, which stood at 1.86%. 

Today's Central Bank data also revealed a sustained boom in mortgage lending, which rose by €1.4 billion to €6.1 billion in the year to September.

The share of fixed rate mortgages continued to increase and accounted for 53% of new mortgage deals over the past three months. However this compares to 81% in the euro zone area.

The Central Bank said that its quarterly data showed a fall in standard variable rates of home mortgages of six basis points over the last year. Rates stood at 3.41% in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, fixed rate home mortgage rates also saw a fall, with rates fixed for one to three years down by 29 basis points over the same time to 3.13% at the end of the third quarter.