European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has said that she wants Irish connectivity with the rest of the EU to be maintained and reinforced after Brexit.

As Transport Commissioner, Ms Bulc said she was well aware of the concerns facing Ireland as a small open economy due to the Brexit issue.

Speaking in Dublin, the Commissioner said that several questions remain over what will happen to hauliers at the border with Northern Ireland and whether Irish exporters will be able to travel through the UK to get to the rest of the EU.

The issue of the hundreds of weekly flights between Ireland and Britain is also important, she said.

"There are many questions, and at the moment, the answers are not clear-cut. But that is why I am here today, to listen to your concerns, and see how best to address them," the Commission said. 

"The 26 other EU states are all in this together with Ireland, " she added.

The Commissioner also said she was pleased to see the Government's announcement in last week Budget to launch a €300m scheme to help small business cope with Brexit. 

She said that Brexit was "an opportunity for Ireland to strengthen its links with its European partners".