A financial consultant who has been advising individuals wrongly moved from their tracker mortgages has claimed staff members at Bank of Ireland have not been restored to the low interest home loans as they should been. 

RTÉ News has seen documentation showing that some staff at the bank were blocked from returning to tracker rates in 2008. 

Padraic Kissane, a financial advisor, said he was concerned that Bank of Ireland had chosen not to restore the staff members to their trackers. 

The development comes as the Central Bank continues its investigation into the tracker loan scandal, which saw thousands of mortgage holders wrongly moved from low interest tracker rates by a number of banks. 

In a statement a spokesman for Bank of Ireland said: "In line with the terms of the tracker mortgage examination, we examined all mortgages in scope, and identified all impacted customers whether staff or otherwise."

"The documentation I have reviewed raises some of the most serious concerns with how Bank of Ireland has dealt with the matter from 2008 to date," Padraic Kissane said.

Mr Kissane added that some members of staff had been unable to have the matter correctly addressed. 

He said the problem could involve large numbers of staff across all ranks within Bank of Ireland. 

Bank of Ireland has a workforce of over 11,000.