The CEO of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland has said additional resources are being put into tackling insurance fraud in Ireland.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, David Fitzgerald said that one in eight claims are "suspicious" and MIBI is launching a zero tolerance approach.

He said the claims will be thoroughly investigated and fought in court, if necessary.

Mr Fitzgerald said that investigating these cases will reduce the number of them, over time.

He said since the focus on fraud began at the start of the year, almost €2m in fraud savings has been made.

In addition, he said, another 160 suspicious cases have been identified.

The type of cases include collisions staged between two sets of parties; people who crash into a stationary object, such as a wall; and induced accidents involving an innocent party, such as when a number of claimants get into a taxi and arrange for another vehicle to crash into it.