Debit card point-of-sale (pos) transactions grew by 16% to €2.9 billion in June, when compared with same month in 2016.

New figures from the Central Bank also show credit card POS spending was 5% higher over the same comparative period.

Debit card e-commerce, or online use, jumped by a quarter to €873m year-on-year in June, with e-commerce now accounting for 30% of debit card POS transactions and 44% of credit card purchases.

Debit card POS spending was more than three times the value of credit card spending in June.

There were increases across all categories of spending, but services and social spending had the highest increases over the year, at 20% and 23% respectively.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank data indicate there was over €1.1 billion in outstanding credit card debt at the end of June.

7% of cards have exceeded their credit limit, while 36% had balances between 76% and 100% of their credit limit.

This represents a 3% and 1% respective decrease in these categories from the amounts recorded when the series began in January 2015.