Growth of the Guinness brand globally has been sluggish so far this year, with African sales declining by 5%, driven by the shift to value beer in Kenya and Nigeria.

Irish and overall European sales grew by 2%, which was driven by the continued success of Hop House 13 Lager.

Preliminary results from Diageo also show that overall its alcoholic brand sales have been flat so far this year in Ireland.

However, Hop House 13 saw net sales growth of 31% year-on-year in the period to the end of June.

The equivalent of 25m pints of the drink has been sold since its launch in 2015, and consumer awareness of Hop House has risen 12% to 59%.

Diageo’s other beer brands’ net sales in Ireland have declined 4% this year, while net sales growth in spirits of 10% was driven by Gordons and Smirnoff.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s has seen global net sales growth of 5% this year and 7% growth in Ireland.

Latin America and the Caribbean contributed to Bailey’s growth with double-digit growth behind Mexico Mother's Day shopper platform and North America contributed with brand innovations.

Earlier this year Diageo announced a €25m investment into the newly established Roe & Co distillery as well as a €16m investment to expand the Guinness Storehouse.