Dublin Port has seen a 2.9% increase in the amount of inbound and outbound goods during the first half of the year.

Overall, trade volumes have grown by 28.8% in the past five years.

The port is one of the main hubs for the country's imports and exports, making it a strong indicator of the health of Ireland's trade.

During the first half of the year 10.5m gross tonnes of goods were imported - up 1.9% - while 7.4m tonnes of goods were exported, up 4.4%.

The port also welcomed over 775,000 ferry passengers - an increase of 3.3% on last year - while the number of tourist vehicles and cruise ships also rose.

However, there was an 8.7% fall in the number of trade vehicles, which roughly mirrors the decline in car sales seen so far this year.

Dublin Port Company has started work on its second major masterplan project, MP2 Project, to provide additional growth capacity.

The organisation’s Chief Executive, Eamonn O’Reilly, said that at the current growth rate, the port’s volumes would double in 14 years.