A recent study of Irish attitudes towards their jobs revealed that 67% of adults are happy in their current job.

The survey of 1,000 adults in Ireland conducted by iReach Insights examined views on workplace environment and what encourages people to consider leaving a job.

More than half (53%) have a full-time job, 19% work part-time and 29% are neither part-time nor full-time employees.

Of those working, one in five Irish employees have changed jobs in the last year.

Among those happy in their job, 74% are women and 61% are men.

The five most important factors pushing people to leave their jobs are: high stress levels (81%), negative work colleagues (73%), differing personal and company values (59%), when the job is not challenging anymore (56%), and a lack of social scene with co-workers (19%).

Nearly 28% men take social scene into account while just 11% of women do.

Just 14% of employees say they are unhappy in their current job, while 63% believe they deserve a pay rise.

And 75% have not received any promotion, pay-rise, or bonus in the past six months.

iReach Insights says the idea that "life is too short to spend at a job that you don't like" shapes both the decision to leaving a job and in choosing one.

According to the survey, the top factors considered are a good salary (89%), location of workplace (67%), opportunity for advancement (54%), positive job atmosphere (52%), and job role specifics (49%).

iReach Insights, a market research firm operating Ireland and Europe, asked the survey questions in the Nationally Representative iReach Consumer Decisions Omnibus conducted in May.