JPMorgan Chase & Co shareholders will again vote on a proposal calling for the board to select a chairman who is not the company's chief executive.

This is according to a proxy statement filed last night for the company's annual meeting on May 16. 

The board said in the proxy that it is against the measure, which was proposed by a shareholder who contends that good corporate governance requires an independent chairman. 

The board and current Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon have defeated similar proposals in the past. 

A year ago, a similar proposal received only 32.6% of votes cast at the annual meeting of the company, which is the biggest US bank by assets. 

The biggest share the measure has won recently was 40% in 2012. 

Bank of America, the second-biggest US bank, also has one person who is both chairman and chief executive and will hold a vote on a similar shareholder proposal on April 26. 

Wells Fargo & Co and Citigroup, the third and fourth biggest US banks, have different people in the two roles.