Almost three quarters of French people are against leaving the euro zone currency bloc and returning to the franc, a survey showed today.

Some 72% of the French polled by the Elabe polling institute in a survey published in the Les Echos newspaper were opposed to ditching the euro and returning to a national currency.

44% surveyed said were "very opposed". 

Marine Le Pen, one of the leading candidates in April-May's presidential election, wants to hold a referendum about France's EU membership and take France out of the euro to return to a new French franc. 

Opinion polls show she would be defeated by pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron or conservative Francois Fillon. 

However, showing the French were less enthusiastic about the European Union's current state, some 37% of respondents in the Elabe poll said being a member of the 28-country club had "more disadvantages than advantages". 

Some 31% said it had "more advantages than disadvantages" and 32% said the positives and negatives were on par.