Greek shares fell over 3% today after euro zone finance ministers suspended debt relief measures in response to benefits announced by the government.

The Athens stock exchange closed at 619,19 points, a loss of 3.21% as a euro zone spokesman said limited pension hikes and a localised tax break announced last week "appear to not be in line with our agreements".

The euro zone last week approved some short-term relief measures to alleviate Greece's enormous debt, which is set to reach €315 billion this year.

Speaking before the announcement, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said creditors "had to respect the Greek people, who have made major sacrifices these past seven years in Europe's name".

"I have no doubt that what we are doing is within the framework of the agreement,"  said Mr Tsipras, who announced last week a one-off payout to 1.6 million low-tier pensioners, and a sales tax break for islands sheltering thousands of migrants.