A 10c rise in the minimum wage is a slap in the face for Ireland’s lowest-paid workers, according to Labour spokesperson on Labour Affairs and Workers’ Rights Ged Nash.

Today the Government accepted the recommendation of the Low Pay Commission to increase the National Minimum Wage from €9.15 to €9.25.

Mr Nash said: "The Government has failed to meet its own commitments to raise the minimum wage to €10.50.

"At this rate of increase, as announced by Minister Noonan today, it will take almost 13 years to reach the target this administration set itself in the Programme for Government just last May,” he added.

The Labour Senator added that the 10c hourly rise contrasts with the 50c per hour rise his party introduced at the beginning of the year, and “this paltry increase will be eroded by inflation in 2017”.

On the increase, Minister for Employment and Small Business Pat Breen said he recognised “the importance of this for low paid workers to increase the NNW to €9.25 per hour, and the tax changes that will further help lower paid workers”.