New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that Irish residents took over 2 million domestic trips in the three months from April to June, down 6.5% compared to the same time last year. 

Each trip had an average duration of 2.4 nights, resulting in almost 4.9 million bed nights. 

The CSO said that Easter fell in the first quarter this year, which shifted the usual quarterly pattern of travel. It noted that the first three months of the year saw an increase in domestic trips of 19.5% while they fell in the second quarter.

Holidays accounted for 52.6% of all domestic trips, while 29.8% were to visit friends or relatives. 

Today's CSO figures also show that total expenditure on domestic trips in the second quarter totalled €366m.

Over €225m of this was accounted for by those on holidays, while those visiting friends or relatives spent almost €54m.

The CSO also said that a total of 2 million outbound trips were undertaken by Irish people in the second quarter of the year, up 3.9%.

These trips saw Irish people spending 14.1 million bed nights abroad with the average length of stay on these trips seven nights. 

The UK and Spain were the two most popular destinations in terms of trip numbers at 518,000 and 516,000 respectively.

Today's figures show that holidays accounted for 58% of all outbound trips, while just over 20% were for the purpose of visiting friends or relatives. 

Irish residents spent €1.582 billion on outbound trips in the three months from April to June. Of this over €938m was spent on holidays, €281.2m on business trips and almost €210m on visiting friends and relatives.