Planning permission was granted for 3,141 dwelling units during the second quarter of this year, an increase of 1% on the same period last year according to the latest CSO figures.

Of those 3,141 dwellings, 2,340 of the approved applications related to houses - a significant decrease of 11.3% when compared with the second quarter of 2015.

However, planning was granted for 801 apartment units, a 69.3% increase on the 473 units approved in the same period last year.

One-off houses accounted for 31.5% of the total, or 990 - up from 821 in Q2 2015.

The total floor area approved for planning - including dwellings, extensions and other constructions - was 1,245,000m2, up 16.9% annually.

18.6% of this comprised of extensions, with 36.9% made up of other constructions.

Planning was also granted for 510 new buildings for agricultural purposes, compared to 196 in the same period last year.