More than 3,000 booking refund claims have been made by customers of travel provider Lowcostholidays since its collapse last month, according to the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

The company ceased trading on 15 July after announcing efforts to rescue the group had proved unsuccessful.

The Commission, which is the licensing authority for online travel agencies in Ireland, previously stated some people who have booked holidays with Lowcostholidays but have yet to travel can make a claim if their holiday will not be honoured by the company.

Lowcostholidays customers have until 19 September to make claims to the Commission, which can be submitted online at

The Commission also said it would cover claims for those who were abroad at the time of the collapse who found they had to pay a second set of accommodation fees.

However, its bond only covers customers who have booked both overseas travel and accommodation.

It does not extend to customers who may have just booked a hotel room or accommodation abroad.

The Commission advises those people may be able to claim money back through travel or credit card insurance.

Lowcostholidays consisted of a number of entities and the only one covered by the Commission is, which is also known as Lowcostholidays Spain SL.

It is understood there will be considerable financial implications for travel agents in Ireland as a result of the collapse - as the group has annual turnover of around €50m here, mainly through Lowcostholidays and Lowcostbeds.