A new survey shows that product availability and quality are the most influential factors when it comes to where Irish shoppers choose to buy their groceries from.

Nielsen’s Global Retail-Growth Strategies Survey on grocery shopping habits polled over 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries, including Ireland.

The survey found that 60% of Irish shoppers say the fact that products they want regularly being in stock was "highly influential" in choosing which retailer to buy from.

This comes ahead of having high quality fresh produce (59%), while good value for money (58%) is the next most influential factor. 

The survey reveals that having the lowest prices ranks just sixth (52%) in terms of influence.

However, Nielsen said it is much more of a factor in Ireland than in the UK (39%) and slightly more than globally (48%) and across Europe (47%).

Nielsen Ireland’s commercial director, Matt Clark said that Irish consumers are more interested in the right ranges of quality products than pure low prices.

"Value for money is more important than a low price, which is why the discounters do well as they offer good quality in addition to just low prices. These factors are coming through in the grocery price inflation we've seen since the start of 2016," Mr Clark added.