The brother of David Drumm has said if the Director of Public Prosecutions does not oppose a bail request from the former Anglo Irish Bank CEO, Mr Drumm will be "on the next plane to Dublin".

Speaking on Newstalk, Ken Drumm said while it will ultimately be a court’s decision whether his brother is granted bail, David Drumm's legal representatives have written to the DPP proposing to return to Ireland from the US to face trial on the condition that he is not jailed upon his return.

The letter directly asks the DPP not to oppose bail here for Mr Drumm.

Ken Drumm described the request as "smoothing the way" for his brother’s return to Ireland.

He added his brother has been prepared to come home for "quite a long time ... going back as far as July 2013".

However, from his experience in dealing with the Irish government "he has developed a deep mistrust and I think he is totally justified in feeling this way".

He added the case will likely take a long time and mounting a legitimate defence "would be next to impossible while in jail or without bail and not being free to deal with counsel on what will be a 24/7 job leading up to the trial".

Ireland is seeking David Drumm's return from the US to face 33 charges relating to his time at Anglo Irish Bank.

In response to suggestions David Drumm should have returned to Ireland sooner to face the charges against him, Ken Drumm said: "In hindsight we can all see that that would have been the better result for David.

"But he could see where it was going and he could see that he was going to have great difficulty with the Irish Government."

He added: "We need David to be allowed defend himself just once. He’s never ever had the chance and he’s endured eight years of this."