The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has said that the Government has prepared risk plans for the future to insure the current recovery is maintained. 

Richard Bruton said it was important that workers were protected now that recovery from the crash is underway.

The Minister said the economy now is completely different from the one that caused the crash.  

He said that Government has built in buffers to both its fiscal and enterprise strategies to protect against unforeseen global events.

Yesterday, the Central Bank cautioned that the country needs to ensure it has a buffer in its public finances to cater for the fall out from recent international turbulence.

In its latest quarterly economic bulletin, the bank called for a "more ambitious" efforts to cut the debt and deficit.  

Minister Bruton said the Government has to fix the damage done to families through increased taxes over the last few years and that investment must now also be made in public services that suffered huge damage throughout the recession.

Mr Bruton said it is only when the economy that sustains growth is created that the damage to the public can be repaired.

Meanwhile, the Minister said that he was not concerned by Johnson Controls' decision to acquire Tyco in Cork.

US politicians, including Hillary Clinton, have condemned the tax saving deal. 

However the Minister said that IDA Ireland was interested in companies of substance investing in this country and they would compete for this investment. 

He added that there are problems with the US tax code and the solutions to these lie in the US.