RTÉ News has seen details of the new Ryanair cabin crew pay agreement, which includes some pay rises, new rosters and new arrangements for funding uniforms.

After issuing a press release announcing the deal earlier, Ryanair refused to reveal any details, saying they were confidential - and declined to confirm whether the same deal would apply at all bases.

It is understood the agreement has been structured to boost productivity in order to fund the recruitment of additional staff required to operate new rosters triggered by new regulatory arrangements.

From April 2016, higher grade staff, known as Number 1s, will receive an increase of €350 in basic pay and €250 in their "Number 1 allowance".

Grades called JCSS will receive a €250 basic pay increase, though the basic pay rises for both grades include what was already set out in a 2013 pay deal.

From April 2017, both grades will receive an increase of approximately €450 based on a 50c increase in so-called sector pay on the assumption that staff work the maximum 900 hours per year.

From April 2018, they will receive a further 50c increase in their sector pay, with another similar increase from April 2019.

There will be a pay freeze from April 2020 unless a new agreement is reached.

Cabin crew retain their €400 "Uni-Med" allowance for uniforms, renewal of IDs, and medical examinations.

If Ryanair crew accept the deal, contractors engaged through employment agencies will receive a €2 per hour increase by 2019 in four 50c phases.

However, that increase will include the planned 40c increase already projected in the 2013 agreement.

The airline says the new rosters will deliver 15 more scheduled days off per year per employee, while retaining the same level of annual leave.

However, the company reserves the right to schedule staff in the event of operational disruption.

It also points to significant promotional opportunities as the airline hires additional staff to crew 300 new planes currently being purchased.

Up to now, new recruits paid for their own uniforms, but received a €400 annual allowance to cover uniforms, renewal of IDs, and medical examinations.

Ryanair is currently rolling out new cabin crew uniforms.

Under the new deal, existing cabin crew who already own or have paid for an old uniform will have a once-off opportunity to receive a new one free of charge - provided they do so by the end of April. Ryanair describes this as a great deal for crew as they had previously agreed that the uniform would be funded by deferring the existing €400 annual allowance.

New recruits will continue to pay for their initial uniform, but will still receive the €400 allowance to fund replacement items if they successfully complete their probationary period.

Contractors who have already paid for a uniform will have a once off opportunity to replace it free of charge if they do so by 30 April.

Contractors currently in the process of paying for their initial uniform issue will continue to pay for their uniform for the first 12 months.

Contract cabin crew hired through agencies will also be able to apply for positions on a new grade known as the "Junior Contract" - though the pay rates for this grade are not yet known.

They may also get a "discretionary" sick pay scheme and minimum guaranteed flying hours.

In some documentation, Ryanair warned that staff rejecting the new deal would remain on the existing agreement, with no pay increases beyond 2016, operating a highly disruptive roster.

The company also said their current €400 Uni-Med allowance would be halved to recoup the cost of the new uniform.