Dublin has a better reputation than New York, Berlin and Brussels, according to the 2015 City RepTrak by The Reputation Institute.

Overall, the city came in 22nd - up five places on last year - though this left it behind near neighbours London (11th) and Edinburgh (7th), as well as Amsterdam (23th), Paris (16th) and Barcelona (6th).

Topping the list was Sydney, with Melbourne coming in close behind.

The survey measures 100 cities based on trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling - as well as other measurements like beauty and ease of doing business.

Dublin's highest score was in the "beautiful city" attribute, while its lowest score was in the "is run by well respected leaders" attribute. 

"A strong city reputation is vital for business and economic growth," commented Niamh Boyle, Managing Director of the Reputations Agency.

"Dublin has a critical role in driving and shaping the national economy, accounting for half of all jobs in Ireland, more than half of the national tax intake, and half of all goods and services produced in Ireland," Ms Boyle said.

She said the latest report shows that the growth in the reputation of a city strongly correlates with an increase in support shown towards that city, such as the propensity to visit the city, live or work in the city or decide to invest in the city.

The world's ten most reputable cites are Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm, Vienna, Vancouver, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Geneva, Copenhagen and Venice.

Baghdad, Tehran and Moscow are the cities with the lowest rankings.