Last year was a record year for trade at Dublin Port with year-on-year trade volume growth of around 6.4%. 

The growth was balanced between exports and imports. Exports rose by 6.4% during the year at 13.3 million gross tonnes, while imports increased by 6.5% at 19.5 million gross tonnes.

In the past few years, growth was driven largely by exports but the gathering strength of domestic demand has seen the import sector record good growth.
Dublin Port said that total throughput last year was 32.8 million gross tonnes, with 7,166 ship arrivals during the year. This exceeded the port's previous record levels in 2007.

The company noted especially strong growth in imported trade vehicles with 102,149 vehicles imported, a jump of 25.8% on 2014.

A total of 1.8 million ferry passengers also went through Dublin Port last year, up 5.1% on the previous year.

Last year was also a strong time for the port's cruise business with 149,000 visitors on 93 cruise ships. This represented gains of 8.1% and 5.9% respectively on 2014.

Dublin Port received planning permission for the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment project during the year, which will enable it to continue to cater for the expected high levels of growth in future years.

"2015 was an exceptional year for Dublin Port with a 6.4% increase in cargo volumes.  We have seen growth over the past three years of 17.3% and are now well ahead of where we were at the height of the boom in 2007," commented Dublin Port's chief executive Eamonn O'Reilly.

"Our growth in recent years has been driven by the investment decisions of our major customers including Irish Ferries, Stena Line, Seatruck, CLdN, Doyle Shipping Group and Ecocem, and it is essential that we match these customers' commitments by investing in nationally important port infrastructure in Dublin," Mr O'Reilly added.