Renewable energy innovation company Airsynergy is today launching a new sister brand OneSynergy at the National Ploughing Championships.

OneSynergy will concentrate on the heating and ventilation market, and will initially target intensive users of power such as pig and poultry farmers.

It will also be aimed at underground car parks and anywhere which requires air extraction with or without fan usage. 
Airsynergy also said it would launch its new products at the Championships, including the "Total Energy Solution" which is designed as a complete low cost energy generation and storage solution offering total energy independence 24 hours a day.

The new TES works on or off grid and has system flexibility for water harvesting and treatment.

The Granard, Co Longford based company also said it would unveil its new Remote Power Unit (RPU), a hybrid street light, at the Championships today.

Airsynergy chief executive Jim Smyth said it was no surprise that people are investing in technology like his firm's in efforts to have their own power supply. 

"Existing utility prices are currently running at some 16-22 cent per kilo watt hour and are only going to get higher. Our technology allows end users to fix their energy price at under 10 cent per kilo watt hour for up to 30 years. For the first time, people almost anywhere have a real renewable energy option," he explained.