The number of planning permissions granted for housing units in the second quarter of the year increased to 3,010 from 1,606 for the same period in 2014 – representing an 87.4% increase.

Latest figures on the sector from the Central Statistics Office show that planning permissions were granted for 2,637 houses (up from 1,492 for Q2 2014) and 373 apartments (up from 114 for Q2 2014) between April and June.

One-off houses accounted for 27.3% of all new housing units granted planning permission in this quarter.

Meanwhile, the total number of planning permissions granted for all developments for Q2 was 4,038, compared with 4,149 in the second quarter of 2014, showing a decrease of 2.7%.

Over a million square metres of total floor area was planned between April and June, representing a 43.8% rise on the same period last year.