Two separate companies have made offers to acquire Avolon with one valuing the aircraft leasing company at $2.56bn.

Earlier this month the Dublin headquartered firm announced that China’s Bohai Leasing was to buy a 20% stake at a price of $26 per share, worth a total $429m.

However today the company announced that it subsequently received a bid from an independent third party to acquire the entire company for $30 per share.

It was obliged to notify Bohai Leasing of this offer as part of its initial sale agreement, with the Chinese company responding with an offer of $31 per share for 100% of the firm.

If the $31 per share deal was accepted it would value Avolon at around $2.56 billion – compared to a valuation of $1.6 billion at the time of its stock market debut just seven months ago.

Avolon’s board said it had not accepted or rejected either offer but was carefully evaluating both of them.

The firm, which was established in 2010, leases aircraft to airline and freight companies including Ryanair, Air France, DHL and US Airways.