Drinks maker Diageo has reported a rise in operating profit and revenue on the back of the company’s acquisition of Indian producer United Spirits.

Its full year results show net sales up 5% to £10.8 billion, with operating profits 3% higher at £2.8 billion.

However organic sales were flat in the period, with global net sales of Guinness unchanged year-on-year despite 3% growth in the United States and 2% growth in Western Europe.

Guinness sales were also up 2% in Ireland, according to Diageo, and it has maintained a 19.8% share of pub sales in the country.

Sales of Baileys were down 4% globally in the year, which the company blamed on high inventory levels, while sales of the drink were flat in Ireland.

However the company said that Baileys remains the best-selling cream liquor in the world – including in Ireland.

Meanwhile sales of Smithwicks here were up 3%, with the drink now representing 4.4% of the company’s total trade.

Both Guinness and Smithwicks were supported by the promotion of new products during recent months, including Guinness’ ‘Brewers Project’.

Diageo also said that gin had become more popular in Ireland, with sales of its Gordons label up 1.7% - with the pub trade alone growing by 7.4%.

However net sales of the company’s spirits were down 2%, which the company blamed on the increase in duty brought in as part of last year’s Budget.

Aside from Gordons, Diageo also makes Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker whisky and Captain Morgan rum.