The number of business-related visas granted to individuals has grown significantly in recent years, according to a report by the Economic and Social Research Institute. 

Of the almost 90,400 visas granted last year, more than 15,400 (17%) were business-related according to the study.

This compares to the 13,365 granted for business reasons in 2010.

Around 30% of last year’s business-related visas went to India, with 18% to China and 13% to Russia.

However the ESRI notes that the actual number of non-European citizens coming to Ireland is probably much higher than the one recorded, as visitors from the likes of the US do not need a visa to travel here.

The increase in these visas comes on the back of changes to the immigration system, which were designed to make it more business-friendly.

This includes programmes that target investors as well as high-potential start-ups.