New car sales fell in June when compared to the same month of 2014, according to industry body SIMI, representing the first year-on-year decline since December 2013.

Almost 1,450 cars were sold during June, according to the figures, compared to 1,684 last year; an almost 14% decline.

Sales for the first half of the year were still significantly higher than those recorded in 2014, however, up 25.4% to 82,337.

More than a third of all car sales so far this year took place in January, according to SIMI, however the figures remained relatively strong between February and May.

Sellers will also be hoping for a mid-year boost this month, as the 152 registration plate is rolled out.

July was the second best month for car sales last year, with more than 18,700 vehicles purchased.

Of the 1,449 cars sold in June of this year, 18% were made by Toyota – making it the most popular car brand for the month.

The company’s Avensis was also the most popular model, with 90 units sold.

In the year to date Volkswagen remains the most popular make of car – taking a 12.7% share of the market – while its Golf remains the most popular with 3,807 units sold.

As has been the trend for some time now, cars in the ‘A’ tax bracket remain the most popular, representing 71% of all sales between January and June.

The majority – 71.2% - were also diesel fuelled, though this is down slightly on the same period of last year, with petrol models taking a slightly bigger share of the market.

More than 100 new cars have also been imported between January and June – up slightly on the same period of 2014.

Peugeot is the most popular make in this category, with 47 imported so far this year, while twelve Audis and eleven Mercedes-Benz cars have also been brought to the country.

The import list also shows a rise in the number of high-end cars coming to Ireland, with nine Maseratis and two Teslas landing on Irish shores this year alone.