A number of telecoms companies have not been properly notifying customers of their right to cancel contracts entered into online or over the phone, according to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Compliance notices have been issued against Eircom, Meteor, Three and UPC due to their non-compliance with a number of aspects of the European Union's Consumer Rights Directive.

Under those rules companies are required to inform customers of their right to cancel a contract and have the relevant cancellation form made available to them before they enter an agreement – which the four companies had failed to do.

The commission also found that incorrect information was given to customers about the length of time they had to request a cancellation.

In some cases the wrong information was given in relation to the waiving of cancellation rights.

The commission said that, following its intervention, the companies in question were now providing the correct information to customers.

It also found that Eircom and its subsidiary Meteor had failed to tell customers of their right to cancel a contract under the Consumer Rights Directive and has ordered the companies to write to those affected to remedy the situation.

Customers receiving this will then have 14 days to cancel their contract if they wish to do so.