The latest Tax Defaulters List shows that in the three months to the end of March, settlements worth €21.3m were made with Revenue. The total figure includes tax, interest and penalties. 

Of the 103 published cases, four were for amounts of over €1m, while five exceeded €500,000.

Landlord Alan Miller, from Stepaside in Dublin, paid the biggest total of money - €3.085m - to Revenue in the three month period for underdeclaring his income tax and capital gains tax. 

This was followed by Dublin property developers Sean and Anthony Deane, who had to pay a total of €2.654m for underdeclaration of VAT.

Joseph Simon, a Boyle, Co Roscommon based company director, property developer and landlord, paid Revenue €1.52m for underdeclaring income tax and VAT as well as non-declaration of capital gains tax.

Summerhill, Co Meath car dealer Stephen Fisk also had to pay €1.272m for an undeclaration of VAT. 

Restaurant owners, landlords, medical consultants, company directors, publicans, retailers, builders and car dealers were also featured in today's Defaulters' List.

It also included the Thurles Race Company, and confectionary company Zed Candy.