Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton has announced new plans to change legislation on consumer rights.   

Speaking on Today with Keelin Shanley, Mr Bruton said that there has been a very rapid change in how people do business and the consumer rights system needs to adjust to that.

The draft consumer bill would give people who bought digital services, for instance on apps and iTunes, the same rights as if they purchased content in physical formats, according to the minister. 

Gift vouchers with expiry dates would also be abolished under the proposals.

He said it was an annoyance to people that around 20% of gift vouchers are never honoured.

"I think we're opening up consumer rights in a pretty historic way. I mean legislation in this field really hasn't been changed in Ireland since the 1980s and we're changing and strengthening consumer law across all of the channels through which consumers transact." 

Mr Bruton said a consultation will process, with interest groups affected, will happen over the summer months.

He added that he hopes they will be able to proceed with the bill rapidly after that.