Factory gate prices rose by 0.1% in April when compared with the previous month, according to the Central Statistics Office, and were up 0.5% year-on-year.

The price index for export sales were up 0.1% in the month, while home sales fell 0.2%.

In the year to April overall prices had risen by 9.5% - with export sale prices rising 11.2% to more than make up for a 3.4% decline in home sale prices.

The most significant price changes in April were in amongst computer, electronic and optical products – which rose 3.2%, while meat products were up 0.3%.

The ‘other foods’ category, which includes bread and confectionary were down 0.9%, while dairy product prices fell 0.5%.

On an annual basis computer, electronic and optical products have seen the biggest price shifts, up 23.2%, while pharmaceutical products were up 12.8%. 

Dairy product prices are down 14.4% annually, while grain milling, starches and animal feed prices fell 2.9%.