The Revenue Commissioners collected €41.4bn last year - an increase of 9.3% on the 2013 figure.

In its annual report for 2014, Revenue recorded an increase in all of the main tax categories, with income tax alone coming in 8.8% higher year-on-year at €17.13bn.

VAT take was almost 8.1% higher at €11.16bn, while excise duties grew by almost 3% to €5.13bn.

Corporation tax was up 8.1% to €4.62bn, while stamp duties were 26% higher at almost €1.7bn.

All of the main tax categories were also ahead of the targets set out in Budget 2014.

Revenue said it took in €610m from "compliance interventions", where it audited businesses to ensure they were paying the correct amount of tax.

It said it has continued to focus on cash businesses, while its project focusing on contractors had yielded €19m to date.

A further €16m had been taken in compliance checks involving 279 medical consultants, with this programme now being rolled out nationally.

In its report Revenue has also reported a 96% compliance rate of 96% in relation to the Local Property Tax last year, and said compliance had already hit 94% for 2015.