People living in Cavan town will be able to avail of super high speed broadband from the autumn, following an announcement by Vodafone and the ESB that they will begin offering its fibre-to-the-building service there during the last quarter of the year. 

As part of a trial 300 homes in two estates in the town are already using the new service which offers speeds reaching 1000 Mbps.

Even faster speeds are promised as technology develops.

Construction of the new network is to begin this summer.

Based on a joint venture between the companies, which was announced last year, the firms claim their fibre-to-the-building technology is completely different to any other broadband service in Ireland as it is an entirely new infrastructure 100% based on optical fibre.

During its first phase, the network will initially reach 500,000 premises in 50 towns.

€450 million is being invested in the project which will use ESB's existing electricity infrastructure to deliver the fibre-to-the-building network across the country.  

The network will be open access, meaning other broadband operators will be able to offer services that use it.