Permanent TSB has confirmed that its 134,000 retail shareholders will be able to take part in its new capital raising exercise on the same pricing terms as new investors.

In a stock exchange announcement, the bank said it will hold an AGM in Dublin on April 8.

This shareholder meeting will consider resolutions about the capital raise which was announced by the bank earlier this week.

The bank said it intended to raise €525m from private investors. It will use €400m of this to repurchase convertible contingent capital notes from the State.

Known as CoCos, these are a form of bond held by the State as part of the bailout. However, they carry a high interest rate and are expensive for the bank.

Earlier this week, Permanent TSB Group Holdings reported a pre-tax loss of €48m for 2014, a significant improvement on the €668m loss for the previous year.

When exceptional items are excluded, the bank recorded a profit of €5m for the year.